The Jake Chronicles 1 – Phone Follies with Uncle Tyler


Welcome to the Jake Chronicles!

The Jake Chronicles is a short, periodic snippet of the adventures of toddler Jake Blake. We get to see the Blake world from Jake’s perspective as he spends time with his parents and crazy uncles!


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Uncle Tyler’s watching me today while my mom goes shopping with Isabelle for stuff for my new brother or sister. He’s a pretty cool guy and sometimes I mistake him for my dad, but my dad would never be caught dead wearing a T-shirt that says President of the Mile High Club, whatever that means.


“Jake, now that your momma is gone, we’re going to watch something a little more entertaining than Doodles the Bear. Want to watch some motor cross?”   Tyler sat down a tray of snacks on the coffee table and flopped on the couch.


Uh oh. I think I hear mom’s phone ringing. She’s been forgetting things lately, and then she cries because she forgot. Dad hugs her a lot and I let her help me put on my jammies at night even though I can do it myself. Uncle Tyler just picked up mom’s phone and he looks scared. It must be Michelle.


            “Jake, it’s Michelle. Should I answer it?”


For a guy who liked to play it cool, Uncle Tyler was sweating like a cow at a steak house. I don’t know Uncle Tyler, Michelle said something about castrating you while holding a pair of scissors in her hand, whatever that means. He’s going for it anyway.


            “Hey Michelle it’s Tyler. Morgan’s not here. How are you?”

            “How the hell am I?” Michelle said.

            “I have you on speaker and Jake’s in the room.” Tyler hit the speaker button and winked at Jake.

            “Where’s Morgan?”

            “She went out shopping with Isabelle.”

            “And she left Jake with you?”

            “I’m a good babysitter. I watch Jake all the time.” Tyler laughed.

            “Hi Jake. Are you OK? Does Uncle Tyler have you tied up?”

            “Hi Michelle.” Jake got close to the phone.

            “So how have you been?” Tyler interrupted.

            “None of your business. I have nothing to say to you Tyler Blake. You stood me up.”

            “It couldn’t be helped. I got stuck in Florida at a racing event.”

            “I saw you on TV with that blonde girl. Was she part of your pit crew?”

            “No that was a friend.” Tyler winced and ran a hand over his face.


Poor Uncle Tyler. By the time Michelle hung up on him he looked like he needed a nap. Mom and Dad talk about those two a lot. Dad says Tyler needs to do some more growing before he can date one woman. But I don’t know, Uncle Tyler is pretty tall, how much bigger does he need to get?


            “Jake, I think I’m wearing her down.” Tyler smiled and offered him a potato chip.


Uncle Tyler’s idea of progress may be different from everyone else. He did come to Philadelphia to take Michelle to dinner but he chickened out and hid at our house for two days before leaving. Mom says since he’s a Blake, there may still be hope for him yet.

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14 thoughts on “The Jake Chronicles 1 – Phone Follies with Uncle Tyler

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  2. Lmaoo that doggone Tyler. ..I cannot wait to see their relationship progress through the series… Jake is the cutest I just love his pov please keep them coming Rhonda! !!


  3. Loved Jake’s POV…….he has 2 more uncles to deal with. That kid is going to need alot of naps. 🙂


  4. Sorry Seth but anyone who can cut through BS the way Jake can has teacher, professor, lawyer or psychologist written all over him. Better luck with baby #3 on getting that quarterback son. ( And yes that means I am still hoping #2 is a girl.)


  5. Just read Jake’s adventure with his Uncle Tyler I was laughing my you know what off! Love it I can’t wait for Tyler & Michelle’s story and little Jake he’s going to be a handful 😉


  6. This Jake short was so cute, I liked that it was all done from Jakes POV. Can’t wait to read more of his little chronicles. Please keep more of the Blake stories coming I luv reading about them.


  7. I love Tyler and Michelle’s slow burn and can’t wait for you to give us their story. Jake’s perspective is both hilarious and adorable. Can’t wait to read of his chronicles!


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