Destiny Vacations – J.J. Blake’s Denver Colorado

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There are moments when a story comes together and my recent trip to Denver, Colorado was a cosmic wink of sorts to J.J. and Sam’s upcoming story, The Perfect Storm. When I started J.J.’s backstory months ago, Colorado popped into my head and I knew John Jacob Blake Jr., ex-quarterback for the fictional Denver Colts had found a periodic home away from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch. Continue reading

Character Profile: Channing Blake (The Blake Boys Series)

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Channing is so sweet you can eat him with a spoon. If I were five years younger, I’d get arrested just so he could be my lawyer.” – Michelle, The Blake Legacy

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Name:                        Channing Jacob Blake

Occupation:              Law Student

Marital Status:          Happily Single

Where I Live:            Twelve Horseshoes Ranch

                                   Blake County, Texas

                                   (When I’m not at law school.)


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It’s not easy being the baby in the family, especially when you have overachieving brothers like mine. We have a CEO, football player, country music star and a budding race car driver. I’m considered the brainy one in the group, so I decided to study law. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have an attorney in the family when we get into scrapes every now and again. I may be the youngest but I am by far the most adorable and my momma’s favorite. Continue reading

The Perfect Storm (Book 6 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt

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Sam and J.J. meet for the first time at Blake Enterprises.

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Sam Carson checked her reflection in the decorative mirror as she pushed through the glass double doors leading to the reception area of the executive offices. It was time for Regency Private Security Group’s annual audit of Blakes Enterprises. The Blakes were one of the richest families in Texas and Regency’s most esteemed clients. One couldn’t tell from driving by the Twelve Horseshoes ranch that the security was so state of the art only a few people in the country had it. Their patriarch, John Jacob, ramped up his already tight safety measures when Jake, his first grandchild, was born. They looked like, for the most part, a hard-working family of ranchers who lived a quiet life. But there was a lot of money and man power involved to maintain that simplicity. Continue reading