The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 06/29/14 – Issue 28

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*Apologies in advance, this is a long one!

Love Notes & Football

The Perfect Storm Playlist Giveaway

RT Booklovers Convention Wrap Up

And of Course…


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Love Notes & Football

Love Notes & Football is in the editing stages!  Yay!  The release date is 8/15 and I am so excited!  It has been a delight writing for Morgan and Seth for the 4th time!  They are the foundation in which the Blake world was created and I love writing about their continued journey of love and family.  When I start a new book in the series, I go back and read all of the stories again for consistency and to gauge the evolution of the characters.  It always amazes me to see how much they’ve grown since For the Love of the Game

You can check out excerpts one here:

Love Notes & Football Excerpt I

Love Notes & Football Excerpt II

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The Perfect Storm Playlist Giveaway

In case you missed the post on Friday, The Perfect Storm playlist is growing!  Since announcing the giveaway I’ve added over 15 songs. Woo hoo!  Just leave a comment with a song suggestion and I’ll add it to the playlist.  3 winners will be chosen to receive a $5 Amazon gift card.  Winners announced 8/27.

There are some songs that apply to all of the Blake men.  Lol.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added one of my favorite songs, Love Will Follow by Kenny Loggins to all of their playlists.  It’s good writing music!  And it’s okay if you find a song that kind of feels like a J.J./Eden tune, she’s part of The Perfect Storm landscape too.

Drop by with your suggestion and to enter for a chance to win!

The Perfect Storm:  J.J. & Sam’s Playlist Giveaway

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RT Booklovers Convention Wrap Up

I didn’t really recap my experience at the RT Booklovers Convention I attended in May, so here goes.  I enjoyed New Orleans for the second time around.  It has changed a bit since the two short years I visited before but nothing stays the same forever.

I got to see the publishing industry at work and I returned home with insights about publishing and myself that I am sure will last a life time. I move forward with my work confident on the path I’ve taken and the new roads ahead as well.

Best moment of the convention?  Meeting Ms. J, a reader who has been in my corner since the release of For the Love of the Game.  She may be the first person to reach out to me as I expanded my presence in social media.  It was a treat to give her an autographed copy of The Blake Boys Collection and to chat with her for a while.

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And of Course!

The second half of the year is upon us and I am diligently working on getting J.J.’s book out to you soon. I commented to a reader that Tyler and Michelle were a slow burn relationship and she suggested I use that as the title for Tyler’s book.  Slow Burn is growing on me…

More character profiles and The Perfect Storm excerpt to come!  Channing’s profile is up next!

My poll, The Blake Boys Dossier – Regency Private Security Group is still going on!  It’s on Facebook as well as this website.  It’s funny how NO ONE has chosen Seth for having a file of mischief but Tyler remains the front-runner followed by Tate.  Lol.

As always, thank you to the readers for reaching out!  You can always reach out by leaving a comment somewhere on my blog or on Facebook.  I know some people feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with me privately, that’s why I have my Author Mailbox!


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  1. It’s always good to hear from you Rhonda. Thanks for the latest on “Love Notes and Football”. Do you have a timeline for the sequel to “Star Crossed”. I’m looking forward to that one also. Again keep up the good work. I always look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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