Love Notes and Football Excerpt II

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Release Date: August 15th!


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Morgan perused the shelves hoping to find a good book to give J.J. for his return trip home. She didn’t know his reading preferences but she was hoping to find something that would give him clarity on his relationship with Eden. A little voice in her head, that sounded a lot like Seth, was telling her to mind her business but that wouldn’t deter her from finding the perfect book for him.

“Morgan, where’s that hunk of a man, J.J.?” She heard Michelle say on the other side of the bookshelf.

“He took Jake shopping and then they were going to get a bite to eat.”

“Do you mind if I take off early?”

“Of course I don’t. Weren’t you reading a new romance novel that came in the other day?”

“That book is smoking hot! The love scenes gave me arrhythmia. You should—.” Michelle paused. “Never mind.  I forgot who I’m talking to.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“You’re married to a gorgeous man and have a nightstand filled with props.”

“Hey, I told you that in confidence.” Morgan said in a tight, low voice.

“You didn’t tell me to put it in the vault.”

“It was implied.” Morgan whistled when Michelle turned the corner dressed in a curve hugging red dress. “What’s the occasion?”

“I have a date tonight. He’s picking me up here.  Do I look nice?” Michelle twirled around.

“You look stunning.” Morgan gave her the once over.

“Thank you.”

“I want details. What’s his name?  Where did you meet?  I can get Robert to run a check on him.”

“Isn’t that an abuse of police power?”

“What’s your point?”

“His name is Finn Richards. We met in yoga class.”

“Good for you. Yoga class, you say?” Morgan tapped a finger on her chin.

“Oh yeah. The possibilities are endless.” Michelle mused.

“Where are you going to dinner?”


“Nice. Good food. Mention the lobster even if you don’t end up ordering it. If he flinches at the price, dump him.”

Michelle played with the neckline of her dress. “Do you think I’m good girlfriend material?”

“Of course you are.   If I were a man I’d date you.”

“Michelle, you look beautiful.” A voice came from the end of the aisle.

Morgan and Michelle turned around to see J.J. standing there with Jake.

“Thank you J.J.” Michelle blushed.

“If you intended to give your date a heart attack, mission accomplished.” J.J. whistled as Michelle did a little turn.

“I was just about to take her picture and send it to Tyler.” Morgan took her cell phone out of her pocket.

Michelle’s eyes widened. “No, you’re not.”

“Good for you, showing Tyler you won’t wait for him. Seeing you in that dress will give him some things to think about.” J.J. grinned.

“Take the damn picture.” Michelle gritted her teeth.

When Michelle finished posing, Morgan’s fingers flew over the keypad of her cell phone. “There. Sent to Tyler. Have a great time.”

“Thanks.” Michelle waved as she left the bookstore.

Morgan looked at J.J. “Do you think sending the photo will do any good?”

“The fact that Tyler still remembers Michelle’s name and he hasn’t slept with her, shows growth that even he’s not aware of yet.” J.J. put his arm around her.

“So brother-in-law, read any good books lately?” Morgan smiled at him.

“I like the occasional military biography.”

“Why are you Blake men always studying about war?” She shook her head.

“It helps me clear my head.” He laughed.

Morgan’s cell phone pinged. “What do you know? My other brother-in-law seems a bit jealous.”

“Told you.”

“Is it hard being the oldest brother?” It had been on her mind a lot lately, how Jake would adjust to his new role in the family.

“Morgan, you have nothing to worry about. Jake and I talked and we’re starting a Big Brothers Club. We’ll have a ceremony in his new treehouse once it’s completed.” J.J. grinned.

“What are the bylaws?”

“The bylaws are for members only.” 

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Release date is August 15th!

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  2. Getting some JJ information in this excerpt. I’m excited to get more info on him. It is definitely time he got some goodwill. Now I still expect a bit of Eden drama, but the new love sounds wonderful!


  3. I’m just so in love with this book and the characters. Do I see a story in regards to Michelle and Tyler coming soon. . I got some title’s for that story lol! I can’t wait until August!


      • Perfect title lol #SlowBurn I’m in love with it already gives you something to think about lmao. I can’t wait Rhonda, thanks for giving me the love of love stories again it’s been awhile since I’ve fell in love with the characters and wished for more and here you are. Here’s to many more years of falling in love with your books and characters. Xoxo


  4. Yaaaay! I can’t wait for this release date! I’m super excited, can’t wait! Do you think your publishers can up the release date to July 15? LOL! HEY, I had to ask!


  5. I can’t wait to read the lastest installment. Your books are always a great read. I got five of my friends and family hooked on the Blake men.


  6. Oh Rhonda I can’t wait. It was great reading about J.J in this excerpt also. My heart is beating really fast right now because we have a date. How are you doing with the sequel to Star Crossed? I’m really looking forward to that one also. Rhonda you are the best because you keep us informed and up to date. That’s also one of the reasons we love your books and keep coming back for more


    • Hi Phyllis!

      I am excited about the release date as well.

      I’ve taken a little detour with Hollywood Rush to rework some things but I am working on that one as well.

      I love keeping you informed and appreciate the great readers who want to know more in between releases. Lol. It helps the series flow as the Blakes’ world gets bigger.


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