Character Profile: Sam Carson (The Blake Boys Series)


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Name:                           Samantha Jane “Sam” Carson

Occupation:               Security Specialist

                                          Regency Private Security Group                            

Marital Status:        Single

Where I Live:                Dallas, Texas

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Regency Private Security Group provides protection to some of the wealthiest families in Texas.  As a security specialist, my job includes surveillance, protection details and occasionally rescuing people from sticky situations.  When I inherited the Blake family as clients, I had no idea how…hands on I would have to be.  The Blake men have a reputation for being adventure seeking cowboys and it’s hard to imagine that they’d need protection from anything. But the patriarch John Jacob has taken extra precautions since the birth of his grandson Jake to ensure that his family is safe and it’s Regency’s job to remain invisible while looking after them. 

I enjoy what I do and I never mix business with pleasure.  But that changed the day I met J.J. Blake. The gorgeous ex-football player turned corporate magnate has a way about him that’s hard to ignore.

Since the news of his divorce went public, women have been lined up to snag him. I guess no one’s immune to those smoldering eyes and enigmatic charm, including me. 

A man like that is a distraction and the last thing I need in my life…

My story begins in The Perfect Storm

See you soon,


Check out  J.J. & Sam’s Playlist!  Excerpt coming soon!

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20 thoughts on “Character Profile: Sam Carson (The Blake Boys Series)

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  3. Miss Laurel, I’m getting all grinchy over here coz you’re holding out! I need another Blake Boys book. I don’t care if its bobo Blake or toothless Blake. Get. Busy. Just release something. Anything.


  4. You know are wrong on so many levels we been waiting for the next Blake book and now JJ story coming out your fingers need to get to work lol


  5. Why! Why did you do this too me! You know I’m having a hard time waiting for book # 5 and you go and throw out the teaser character profile on big brother J.J. you slip in a playlist for J.J & a Sam and now you throw this profile on Ms. Carson. OMG Rhonda you do know this is considered pure torture in some countries. Why are you putting me thru this? You know what the next question is going to be right? When?


  6. Whooohooo! JJ and Sam I’m so looking forward to them mixing it up. I see fireworks!!!
    Awesome! 🙂

    Belinda G


  7. OMG!!! I can’t wait for JJ’s story Rhonda. These Blake men are H.O.T. You’re right also, JJ isn’t going to know what hit him.


  8. I think I just had a heart palpitation! I am truly intrigued and excited now , I can’t wait for “Love notes ” to come out and now this too !!! I can’t wait for either of them soooo……. chop chop get it done(lol) I’m impatiently waiting for my next fix !!!! I think a count down clock for at least one of these releases is in order 😋. Tamara


  9. Smoldering eyes and enigmatic charm!!!!! It’s called Blake swagger and you have to be very very strong. There is no known cure. May I suggest a trip to Dr. Tiffany or Dr. Cartier. Until you can get an appointment just enjoy. P.S. Dont let the youngest Blake male fool you. He’s in training.

    ( I made sure to download both J.J. and Sams’ profiles to my Pinterest boards.)


    • Hi Carole! Happy Friday! I have written 60% of the manuscript and hope to complete it this month. I’ve been taking my time with J.J. and Sam I enjoy Once I submit to my publisher and it goes through the process. I hope to have release news soon.


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