Reader Question: Will you be writing more on Morgan’s best friend Michelle?

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Will you be writing more on Morgan’s best friend Michelle?

Michelle has been Morgan’s comic voice of reason for a long time!  You couldn’t ask for a better friend.  She’s brutally honest, funny and a die hard bookworm like Morgan.  Michelle’s fatal flaw is making the mistake of falling for Tyler Blake.

“Ah, the Blake swagger. If you look at it too long, you’ll go blind or insane.” – Michelle, Love Notes and Football

You will be seeing her again in Love Notes and Football as she continues her slow dance with Tyler.  Let’s hope she makes some progress.

Thanks for the question Andrea!



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9 thoughts on “Reader Question: Will you be writing more on Morgan’s best friend Michelle?

  1. Oh my! Smiling right now okay grinning right now. See what you’ve done I’m going to have to re-read all 4 books to stop myself from bothering you about who? who? Sorry! Couldn’t help myself I’m just about holding myself together waiting for book # 5 & you throw that at me you are cruel Ms. Laurel 😉


  2. How about Michelle & JJ? That man needs a woman that can bring some life and fun back into his life, he sexy but soooo serious, I think Michelle could drag him kicking, screaming but loving every minute back to the living


  3. Love her name…..LOL. I think since Tyler has his own swagger, Michelle is just the one to stop him in his tracks. Don’t let the bookworm fool ya!!


  4. I have to respectfully disagree. Blake swagger does not cause blindness or insanity. Now it will cause you to fall madly in love or madly in lust. Actually it causes both.


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