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          Morgan’s excitement grew as the nurse ushered them into the exam room. She changed into the soft cotton gown the nurse gave her while Seth paced around the room like he was getting ready for a game.

          “What is this?” Seth pointed at a speculum on a tray.

          “That is a woman’s worst nightmare.” Morgan tried to get comfortable on the exam table.    

          “Kind of looks like a duck’s bill.” Seth laughed.

          “Well I don’t like it when it quacks at my cervix.”

          Seth continued perusing the room. “There sure are a lot of instruments and doodads in here to look at a woman’s…naughty bits.”

           “Really? You can’t say the word vagina and we’re on our second child?”

            Seth took a seat on the stool next to her and pulled the blanket over her. “You know it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a boy or a girl. Nothing would change. I just want another healthy, happy baby.”

            “Everything would change if we had a girl.” She put her arm behind her head.

            “No, it would not.”   He rubbed her belly.

            “You get all soft and mushy whenever you spend time with Gabby. She has you wrapped around her little finger.”

            Patton and Nina’s daughter made a beeline for Seth every time she saw him.

            “She is my god-daughter.”

           Morgan gave him an expectant look.

          “OK, I admit one look at those adorable brown eyes and I’m toast.” Seth laughed.

          “I rest my case. I don’t think you’d be running football plays by your daughter during bath time.” Morgan narrowed her eyes.

          “Hey, I added some girl names to our list. By the way, some of the guys would like to provide their input on baby names.”

            “We’re not adding your crazy teammates to the mix. It’s bad enough the whole family wants a say.” She shook her head.

            “Some of them aren’t so bad.”

            “How many names?”

            Seth pulled the list out of his back pocket. “Thirty five.”

            “How many names that don’t sound like an appliance, car, or a video game avatar?” Morgan folded her arms over her chest.

            Seth looked at the list. “Eight.”

            “I don’t think so. Tate wants something that’s easy to use in a song. Tyler and Channing keep coming up with what oddly sounds like pirate names and Robert wants some crazy hybrid of all my brothers’ names. ”

            “You know, Patton’s sister named her kids after the places her children were conceived.” He stroked his chin.

            “Somehow, I think the name Walk-In Closet Blake would be setting our child up for failure, regardless of their father being a celebrity.” She chuckled.

            Dr. Fenwick entered the office. “Well, hello there! Seth, how are you? Ready  for the new season?”

            “Sure am, doc. I think it’s going to be the best season ever for the Titans.” Seth beamed.

            “I like your enthusiasm. You know my husband and I have season tickets. He actually cried when he found out you extended your contract with the Titans.” The doctor laughed as she pressed some buttons on the sonogram machine.

            “I’m fine Dr. Fenwick, thanks for asking. I’ve been eating right and I feel great.” Morgan mumbled.

            “You and your husband are always welcome to join my family in our suite at the stadium.” Seth smiled.

            “Thank you!   He’s going to pass out when I tell him the news. How’s training going?” Dr. Fenwick shook her head as she snapped on a pair of rubber gloves.

            “I thought we were here for a sonogram?” Morgan glared at the doctor.

            “Morgan, I see you’re right on the time with the mood swings.” Dr. Fenwick pulled back the blanket and spread the clear jelly on her stomach.

            “Yikes that’s cold!” Morgan tried to sit up.

            “Just relax.” Dr. Fenwick stuck her tongue out at Morgan and began moving the transducer attached to the machine over her belly.

            Tears streamed down Morgan’s cheeks when the grainy picture of the baby appeared on-screen. Seth’s hand tightened around hers.

            “The heartbeat is strong. The baby’s a good size.” Dr. Fenwick took another look at the screen.

            “So doc, what are we having?”

            “Some people opt to wait until the baby is born for the big reveal.” Dr. Fenwick smiled.

            “Is this your first day meeting me? I sent you a picture of Jake’s bowel movement because I couldn’t wait for an appointment.” Morgan rolled her eyes at the doctor.

            “I tell that story at cocktail parties.” Dr. Fenwick chuckled.

            “Doc, Morgan and I are decorating the nursery and it would be nice to have a color scheme.” Seth laughed.

           “Do you really want to know?”

            Seth looked Morgan, who nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

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So what do you think?  Boy or girl? 


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33 thoughts on “Love Notes and Football Excerpt

  1. Can’t wait to read more about Seth & Morgan. Love the other Blake’s & Reed’s but these two have stole my heart. I agree with the other ladies twins sound great to me but if not another boy’s good, got to keep them trying for a girl! More books more Seth & Morgan sounds good to me 😃


  2. OMGEEE Rhonda…Twins is the perfect solution but you have to make it a surprise. One baby hiding behind the other and all that. Prepare them for another boy and let the girl follow.. I’ll take triplets if it means I get to see more of Seth and Morgan’s love growing. I’m hoping to see this story on KOBO ASAP lol no rush and no pressure take your time because like all your other books it has to be perfect 🙂 keep them coming I’ll just continue reading the “Blake Boys Series” until I see a release date.


    • Hi Chardae!

      I love your enthusiasm for the series! It’s been interesting writing about the new addition to the family and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


  3. I loved this little teaser! I read Texas Heat in a few hours (yup it was that good) and I’m sure I’ll do the same with this book. I like the idea of twins but yet a girl would be great. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I need Seth Blake fix!

    Thanks again for the package! I haven’t had the time to take a picture of me wearing the T-Shirt but I’ll do it this week-end and send it to you.


  4. Rhonda,

    First of all Thank you for the Blake series it is great, also I thought she would be having twins in this book, due to “Texas Heat” when Tate notice she was already showing, and she was only a couple of weeks pregnant, I thought that was a dead giveaway, but maybe I’m wrong and I was reading to much into it. I hope she is having twins in this book and make it a boy and a girl.


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  6. I saw a comment about Morgan and Seth having twins and I would say that could solve the problem right there…a boy and a girl (happiness). But whatever gender you choose, I am avidly waiting for the next book. I absolutely love this series. I check your website every week for an update of any kind lol. I’m still wondering if there is going to be any interaction with Lamont and Morgan, because he seemed pretty interested in the previous books. 🙂 Thank you for writing so well.


    • Hi Kai!

      I love hearing from you. Yes, that would solve the problem. Lol. Seth will be interacting more with his team so yes, Morgan and Lamont interaction is inevitable. Right now I am finishing up Love Notes and Football, helping Tate and Isabelle along and that convention next month. So there is a lot of juggling going on with me. But I promise I’m on top of it. Lol.


  7. Hi Rhonda, thank you again for the mouse pad and sticky notes….Now on to the new Blake family member……Jake needs a brother 🙂 then if Morgan plays her cards right a baby girl will fit in just nicely!!!


  8. I am sooooo addicted to this series!!!! I can’t wait for book 5! I could read about Seth and Morgan’s love forever. How do Seth and Morgan feel about twins? Have you found a love interest for JJ yet? Keep up the great writing!!!!!!!. I’ll be waiting for the next book like a shopaholic on Black Friday(lol)!


    • Hi Lynn!

      Twins would get Seth his football team much faster! Lol. Thank you for being a dedicated reader, I promise to keep them coming! Still thinking of a love interest for J.J. I’m hoping to get some inspiration before I start writing his story. 🙂 He’s kind of intense…


  9. OMGEEE!!! Think Pink Rhonda Think Pink! LOL by the way I received my mouse pad and sticky notes along with your thank you note. Thank You!! I cannot wait for the continuance of all stories written by you. Romance novels like these keep me going.


  10. I do believe that Seth can sweet talk Morgan into 1 maybe even two more if this baby is a girl. Besides John Jacob Sr. needs a little princess to kidnap just like Teri Lynn does when Jake visits.


  11. I kind of vision their family being similar to Morgan’s with the baby girl being the last child. I think it would be too easy if they have her right away.


  12. I hate to break it to Morgan but Seth will be waking this baby up at midnight to watch Sportscenter. Being a girl is not going to stop that from happening.( Don’t forget the coach’s daughter from Remember The Titans. She could explain football plays with the best of them.)


  13. Hi Rhonda, that little bit has me wanting more, that was very interesting, but you could have let us know what she having, that little teaser has me ready…So when is the release date on book 5? Hope it’s soon, I cannot wait!


  14. I loved the sneak peek !!! I hope it’s a little girl that looks just like her daddy ! , so any estimates on how long I have to suffer waiting on this book to come out…….(sigh….lol ) ? Tamara


  15. Rhonda I can’t wait. I love love love Seth and Morgan and the whole Blake clan. I am ready to see where this adventure takes them. Will “Hollywood Rush” come out before this one?


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