Reader Question: Will there be more of Tate and Isabelle?

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Will there be more of Tate and Isabelle?

I am so happy to hear about the love readers have for Tate and Isabelle!  I’ve always liked Tate.  His voice kept getting louder in my head the more I wrote about him. I wanted Tate to come full circle with his troubled past and then give him room to grow and heal.

Yes, another story about Tate and Isabelle has been added to my ‘work in progress’ catalog!  It would be nice to see how they melded their two worlds together.  They do pop up in Love Notes and Football but having Tate meeting Isabelle’s father Lucas Reed is motivation enough to write another one.  Lol.

MVP and The Blake Legacy were written because so many of you asked for more Morgan and Seth!  I would love to continue Tate and Isabelle’s story too.  The Blake Boys world keeps getting bigger but I promise to keep the stories focused on love and family.

Update December 2014:  Tate & Isabelle’s next story, Cowboy’s Heart will be released Spring 2015!  See 2015 Blake Boys News for more details!

Thanks for the question Chardae!



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