Love Notes and Football Excerpt

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          Morgan’s excitement grew as the nurse ushered them into the exam room. She changed into the soft cotton gown the nurse gave her while Seth paced around the room like he was getting ready for a game.

          “What is this?” Seth pointed at a speculum on a tray.

          “That is a woman’s worst nightmare.” Morgan tried to get comfortable on the exam table.     Continue reading

Reader Question: Will there be more of Tate and Isabelle?

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Will there be more of Tate and Isabelle?

I am so happy to hear about the love readers have for Tate and Isabelle!  I’ve always liked Tate.  His voice kept getting louder in my head the more I wrote about him. I wanted Tate to come full circle with his troubled past and then give him room to grow and heal. Continue reading

New Release: Texas Heat (The Blake Boys #4)



Isabelle Reed is having a bad year. The classical violinist is struggling with a divorce, and a broken arm has left her unable to play. So when she receives a wedding invitation from her cousin Morgan, her heart just isn’t in it. Going to the wedding will mean seeing everyone from back home, and seeing everyone back home will mean facing the music about her divorce. Unable to miss her cousin’s wedding, she bites the bullet and takes off—and lands right in the arms of Morgan’s brother-in-law, country western music star Tate McGill. She’d heard about the singer and his bad-boy reputation, but there’s something about those storm-filled eyes that made her yearn to look deeper. Even though she should know better than to risk being the subject of a song on his next album.

Country western singer Tate McGill is living the good life. He’s surrounded by beautiful women, hit music, and a great family. But he gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to babysit his nephew Jake for his brother Seth Blake, and finds a beautiful woman in his way. Isabelle Reed is talented and strong-willed, and she’s a natural with little Jake. But she’s keeping a secret from Tate, and he’s determined to find out what it is…

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The sounds of laughter coming from the bathroom in his hotel suite jolted Tate McGill out of his sleep. He’d had a wild night at the Epic Music Awards, and from the throbbing of his head, it was probably a night he’d want to remember. Continue reading