Reader Question: When Can We Expect J.J.’s Story?

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When Can We Expect J.J.’s Story?

Ideally J.J.’s story will be after Love Notes & Football.  I hope to see the oldest Blake’s story released in the fall of this year.  (I am working on Love Notes & Football.)  For now, we get to see more of J.J. in the upcoming Texas Heat.  His character profile will be coming soon!

Thanks for the question Carol!

P.S. – I’ve had so many questions about Lamont and Charisma, I will have to do another FAQ for them.  Lol.


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  1. Love Notes & Football, after Texas Heat, and then J. J.’s story !!!! Your readers must have been really really really good this year. Oh, WAIT !!! Of course we have been really really really GREAT fans.!!!! Cant wait to see the profile. LOL


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