Character Profile: Andre White (Hollywood Heat Series)

“Take your own advice. If what you’re saying is true and you crossed paths with Andre White, I would avoid having to do that again.” – Kate, Star Crossed


Name:                               Andre White

Occupation:                   Vice President, Atlantis Records???

Marital Status:           Single

Where I Live:                   Century City, California

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My job description at Atlantis Records may not be clear but my primary responsibility is to keep Kate safe.  The music business can be ruthless and sometimes you need someone around who can…neutralize sticky situations when they arise.

I came to California at the request of Kate’s cousin Billie.  When Billie asked me to look after Kate, I couldn’t refuse her.  I never do.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her, even if it meant taking me away from New York.

Things are heating up at Atlantis.  There are people who want to see Kate fail and are willing to do whatever it takes to see that it happens.  I’ll be there to do what I do best.

I popped up in Star Crossed and you’ll be seeing me again in Hollywood Rush, coming soon!


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  1. Andre is very handsome. I can’t wait for this sequel. Next to Seth and Morgan, Kate and her man are my next favorite couple. Keep up the good work Rhonda


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