Reader Question: Can Charisma and Lamont be sent to another planet?

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Can Charisma and Lamont be sent to another planet?

OK, I waited to answer this question after I posted Charisma’s profile.  Lol.  I thought I’d do a two-for and talk about both characters.

What can I say about Charisma and Lamont other than…like opposites attract, crazy can attract crazy.

Since For the Love of the Game, Charisma has been trying to bait Morgan into the battle of the century.  But Morgan has graciously by-passed her cousin’s efforts to get a rise out of her at each turn.  (The dinner party in The Blake Legacy.)  Charisma is a great antagonist and spurs good character growth for everyone she comes in contact with except Lamont.

Lamont serves as a good mirror for Charisma.  He is her antagonist disguised as a love interest. She’s got Lamont in her sights, despite his overly attentive behavior to Morgan in The Blake Legacy.  Lamont’s interest in Morgan was noticed by many readers and I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Seth finally has a chat with Lamont…

This childhood rivalry of sorts between Charisma and Morgan has graduated to adulthood and will play out as they continue to find a way to coexist in the Reed family, if that’s possible.  Oddly enough, Charisma is the only character, aside from Morgan and Seth that has popped up (in scenes and with dialogue) in each of The Blake Boys Series books.  (She will be in Texas Heat.) This chick just won’t go away!

Keep those questions coming!  I look forward to Q & A after the release of Texas Heat!

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8 thoughts on “Reader Question: Can Charisma and Lamont be sent to another planet?

  1. I am so glad I found your books. I really have bought every last one. 8 days and counting for the next one..You have a fan for life please continue bringing on the books!


  2. I would love to read about Seth confronting Lamont, he really needs a reality check. Also, when will we see Tyler’s story?


  3. You know I am curious. Lamont’s interest in Morgan was surprising and threw me for a loop. Was he on the island? Did he accompany Seth to the festival? Was it the intoduction at the team party? Prior to the dinner party how much time had they spent in each other’s presence. This calls for a reread.


  4. oh yes, Lamont is definitely interested in Morgan which begs the question, what are his motives for being with Charisma? So obviously he knows he can do better. Is he with Charisma so that he can be close to Morgan somehow? Surely he’s got women throwing themselves at him, so why is he with 2nd rate Charisma? Or maybe he’s arrogant and deluded enough to think that Seth will mess up and then he’ll have a shot at Morgan.


    • Hi Mrs. Blake!

      Lamont was the ‘hot stuff’ on the team before Seth was signed and his resentment has been progressive ever since. I feel for him if he thinks he can take Morgan from Seth. Lol.


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