Coming Soon: Love Notes & Football (The Blake Boys Series Book 5)

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A new baby.  A new chapter.  Love deluxe.

Morgan and Seth will return this year with a new chapter titled Love Notes & Football, book 5 in The Blake Boys Series!  Life for the Blakes continues to turn in the same whirlwind fashion with a few new twists!  Seth has five more years until he retires and is determined to leave a blazing trail of glory behind him.  Morgan is pregnant with baby number two and has a lot on her plate, if only she could stop taking flash naps and eating everything in sight!  Jake happily hangs on for the ride as he remains the central focus of his two busy parents.  He’s going to be a big brother!

There will be old family and friends returning as well as a few new faces and developments.  Even when things get too hectic, Morgan and Seth never stop the love and laughter coming as they brave new storms together.

Excerpt & Character Profiles coming soon!

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  1. I am Hooked …can’t wait… And I can’t wait for Tate story too…now I ain’t crazy but I am gonna be a little paranoid waiting on these books… them…hope the baby is a girl so Seth can have his little princess ,Daddy’s little girl


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