Hey DeeJay! Character Playlist Requests Giveaway

Congrats to Winners

Andrea and Renee!

The DeeJay is taking requests for character Spotify playlists!

Does a certain song remind you of Morgan & Seth?

Wonder what gives Kate inspiration at Atlantis Records?

He’s a country music superstar, but what does Tate listen to in his down time?

(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / vlastas

(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / vlastas

Inspiration is key to writing and I’d love to listen to some new tunes while working on Hollywood Rush, Texas Heat and Morgan & Seth’s next adventure!  There are twelve songs on Morgan & Seth’s playlist and I’ve gotten some really great suggestions (thank you again, Andrea!), so keep them coming!

*The Spotify Playlists are in the right column of this blog!*

*I just added Tate’s playlist!*

Leave a comment with the character’s name

and your song choice for a chance to win a $10 iTunes or Amazon Cloud gift card!

Winner will be announced January 1, 2014                 December 31st! !

4 thoughts on “Hey DeeJay! Character Playlist Requests Giveaway

  1. Hold On, We’re Going Home – by Drake for Seth and Morgan

    Hate On Me by Jill Scott – Morgan/Chrisma/Jason

    Anything by George Strait for Tate…gotta have Texas Country for an Texas Boy!!! My faves are Run (a story should be written to go with this song). Amarillo by Morning, The Fireman etc…

    You Never Even Called Me By My Name – David Alan Coe


  2. Sorry but I guess I was feeling inspired.
    1. Tate–“Cruise”—Florida-Georgia Line. I can see Tate doing a duet with Nelly.
    2. Morgan/Seth—“Still”—Tamia, “She Will Be Loved”—Maroon 5, “Gone, Gone, Gone”– Phillip Phillips, “Everything”–Jody Watley,and “What A Man ( A Mighty Good Man)”–Salt n Pepa.


    • Hi Renee! The more the merrier! Those are some good choices. I could see Tate doing a funky, country/urban duet with someone cool like Nelly too. I am off to listen to your suggestions.


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