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Top 5 Questions

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1 – Will there be another Morgan and Seth book?

Yes!  The Blakes will have another book in 2014. 

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2 – What’s next for the couple?

The adventure will continue and I have great things in store for them.

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3 – Which Blake Boy is next in line for his own book?

Tate McGill’s story is next and is titled Texas Heat.

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3A – What is Tate’s back story?

We got a glimpse of Tate’s childhood and will explore it more in Texas Heat.  Tate will be making an appearance in Hollywood Rush before his book is out.

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4 – Seth wants how many kids?!?!

Lol.  We know Seth wants a football team and Morgan wants at least one girl.  🙂

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5 – When will we see the next Morgan and Seth book?

As fast as my fingers can type! 

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Thank you all for your love and support of Morgan and Seth!

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11/17 – Tricia and Andrea!

11/18 – Ms. J and Renee!

Each person received a book from my backlist!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join in the chat!  I had a blast connecting with all of you.

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Chat Release Recap

    • Hi Tricia! Hope all is well! I like the chats. I have had such great insight from chats and reviews about where to take my characters.

      Antonio is my loveable rogue! I love the way he found his way after he met Lucy. 🙂 His big brother Alejandro is getting a story one of these days…


  1. Rhonda, I missed you again. Looks like you had great feedback. Had to pick my daughter up and did not get back in time for your chat. I will definitely get the next one. I can’t wait until the next Seth and Morgan story. When will the sequel to Star Crossed come out?


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