New Release: The Blake Legacy (The Blake Boys #3)

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Two lovers. Two dreams. One hell of a hard decision…

NFL quarterback Seth Blake is having an unbelievable hot streak—he’s won his third Super Bowl title the same day his wife Morgan gave birth to their son. Life couldn’t be better for the new father and MVP. His contract with the Philadelphia Titans expires in a year, giving him a chance to make a professional dream come true: to play in his home state for the Texas Wildcats and return to his much-missed Twelve Horseshoes Ranch—this time, for good.

Morgan Reed-Blake has never been happier. She’s got the best husband, the cutest baby, and she’s successfully juggling career and family. Her bookstore is expanding, her charitable organization is growing, and she’s been offered her dream job on the literacy council. Everything in her Philadelphia world is coming up roses. Until Seth’s contract with the Titans expires, and his dream of returning home comes close enough to touch…and the powers that be in Texas start romancing Seth in earnest. Morgan and Seth both have dreams. But a choice has to be made…

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The Blake Legacy is available at the following retailers:

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The Blake Legacy is the third installment of the Blake Boys Series.

Morgan and Seth’s story began in For the Love of the Game and continued in MVP.  In case you missed it, check out an excerpt:


For the Love of the Game


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11 thoughts on “New Release: The Blake Legacy (The Blake Boys #3)

  1. Rhonda, first of all I love the book, please tell me this is not the end for Morgan and Seth. I felt like I need more how many children do the have, do they finally get the girl. I looking forward to Tate story,, also do Tyler get with Michelle, also what happen with IN and his wife. I just have so many questions for you


  2. Just finished The Blake Legacy tonight. Sooo good. Now, I’m so much more intrigued about Tate and wondering what will happen with JJ. I have lots more thoughts but will keep them so others can read and enjoy as well.


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