Character Profile: Kate Cavanaugh (Hollywood Heat Series)

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Name:                             Kate Garrison-Cavanaugh

Occupation:                     President, Atlantis Records

                                      Principle Owner, Pinnacle Movie Studios

Marital Status:                Married

Spouse’s Name:               Chris Cavanaugh

Spouse’s Occupation:        Movie Star

Children:                         None at this time

Where I Live:                   Malibu, California

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A day in my life.

Let’s see.  I start my day with a two-mile run on the beach with my dog Merlot.  After I give my husband Chris, a goodbye kiss, I am off to Atlantis Records.  We have some of the best talent around.  Right now I’m helping Kingston Shane, a washed up 80’s rock idol, with his comeback album.  I am excited about the prospect of signing a new artist, country music star Tate McGill.  I met Tate a few years ago at an industry event.

When I’m not at Atlantis, I am overseeing my interests at Pinnacle Studios, which was left to me in my neighbor Marvin’s will, along with some other lucrative business investments.  His son Henry wasn’t thrilled about being cut out of the will and has sworn revenge.  Andre keeps an eye on him for me.

Life has taken some pretty interesting turns.  I divorced my cheating ex-husband Jack, a movie director, but we’re still friends.  Chris and I met under some unusual circumstances but I like to believe it was fate.  Chris has been getting great movie roles.  Occasionally he and Jack work together.  Did I mention they both work for me at Pinnacle Studios?

Chris and I are doing great.  I’ve almost convinced him to give up that dreadful motorcycle and drive a car, like a civilized person.  I worry about him whipping around the winding hills that lead to our beach house.

This new-found power in Hollywood can be a blessing and a curse.  There are people out there who want my part of Pinnacle Studios, but I’m not giving it up.  Marvin trusted me with his life’s work and I will honor his wishes.  I take it all in stride and with Chris’s help, I can even laugh about it some days.

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