Character Profile: Nina Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


Name:                              Nina Hawkes

Occupation:                     Event Planner

Marital Status:                 Married

Spouse’s Name:                Patton Hawkes

Spouse’s Occupation:       Linebacker for the Philadelphia Titans

Children:                          Gabriella Hawkes

Where I Live:                   Center City, Philadelphia, PA

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I‘m married to Patton Hawkes, a linebacker for the Philadelphia Titans.  He looks mean and imposing but deep down he’s a big teddy bear.  Patton has a bit of bromance going on with Seth, the quarterback for the team.

“Nina has a talent for insulting a large group of people at one time.” – Patton, MVP

I speak my mind and that seems to ruffle some feathers.  Being the wife of a football star, you meet a lot of phony people.  It’s hard to make genuine friends who don’t have hidden motives.  Then I met Morgan.  Seth finally stopped screwing around and settled down with a good woman.  She stays away from the spotlight and is the most grounded person I know.  Morgan and I are kindred spirits and she’s become my best friend.

Life has been crazy lately.  The team won their third Super Bowl championship this year!  I can’t get Patton to take those championship rings off.  After trying for a long time, I am pregnant with my first child.  Patton is bouncing off the walls, but that’s to be expected for a first time dad.  Meanwhile, I get to practice changing diapers on my godson Jake. 

There’s a lot to do to get ready for the baby.  Our lives are about to get crazier in The Blake Legacy.  See you soon.


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Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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  1. Nina, kinda look like Chill from TLC, but I can’t wait to read this book.


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