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Character Profile: Kate Cavanaugh (Hollywood Heat Series)

Kate Cavanaugh Banner 2


Name:                             Kate Garrison-Cavanaugh

Occupation:                     President, Atlantis Records

                                      Principle Owner, Pinnacle Movie Studios

Marital Status:                Married

Spouse’s Name:               Chris Cavanaugh

Spouse’s Occupation:        Movie Star

Children:                         None at this time

Where I Live:                   Malibu, California

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Character Profile: Nina Hawkes (The Blake Boys Series)


Name:                              Nina Hawkes

Occupation:                     Event Planner

Marital Status:                 Married

Spouse’s Name:                Patton Hawkes

Spouse’s Occupation:       Linebacker for the Philadelphia Titans

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The Blake Legacy Book Trailer

The release date for The Blake Legacy is November 29th!

Music That Inspires: Morgan & Seth’s Playlist


Morgan and Seth’s Playlist!

(Updated 11/3/13!)

Here’s a few of the songs that I’ve added to their playlist since

For the Love of the Game:

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