Excerpt II: The Blake Legacy

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(Release Date 11/29!)

Excerpt II

Scene: Morgan and Seth host a dinner party that takes an unexpected turn!

Seth whistled as Morgan walked into the kitchen wearing the black cocktail dress he’d bought her on the way back from Pittsburgh.  She wore her hair down, the soft curls cascaded over her shoulders.

“You like?”  Morgan twirled around.

“I have good taste,”  Seth pulled her into his arms and kissed her.  “How’s the champ?”

“Out like a light.  He should sleep through the night.  How’s my rack of lamb coming along?”

“I just checked it.  It smells divine.”

“Kara’s recipe was easy to follow.  Did you see the way she was looking at me when she left?  That look did not inspire confidence.”  She laughed.

“Kara is very protective of the kitchen.”  Seth chuckled.  “I wonder if we can blend—”

Morgan rolled her eyes.  “You are not pureeing lamb for Jake.”

“Hey, he was eyeballing that pork chop I had the other night.”  Seth raised an eyebrow.

“I saw you.  You were taunting him with that bone.”

“Blake men don’t eat no mashed up bananas.  We go from breast milk to ribs.”  Seth bellowed as he retrieved a serving platter from the top shelf of a cabinet.

“If it were up to you and your crazy brothers he’d take a slab of ribs, a flask of whiskey and a good cigar for his first day of pre-school.”

“Man’s got to start somewhere.”  He mused.

“I am keeping you grubby cowboys away from my sweet cheeked, red-haired baby.”  She stuck her tongue out at him.

“I noticed the change in his hair color the other day.”  Seth smiled at her.

“Damn strong Blake genes, I bet he’s going to look like a carbon copy of you.  He’s probably going to be taller than me by the time he’s seven.”

“I see you too when I look at him,” He kissed her on top of her head.

Morgan smiled.  “Do you think we have enough wine?”

Seth laughed.  There were three cases of wine on the kitchen table.  “More than enough.”

“You do remember who we invited?”  Morgan gave him a skeptical look.

“Let’s see Patton and Nina. Elton and his fiancée.  Mike and his wife Krista.  And Lamont and his new mystery woman.”

Morgan folded her arms across his chest.  “We should have uninvited that jail-bird Lamont.”

“Don’t worry,” Seth kissed her. “Lamont won’t be a problem tonight.”

It was just his luck that after an attempt to bury the hatchet with Lamont and get to know him better socially, he gets arrested for fighting in a nightclub.  There was a picture of Lamont on the front page of the newspaper last week, after the brawl.  There was a mystery woman shielding him with a big, gaudy gold purse.

Patton and Nina were the first to arrive.  Elton, Tricia, Mike and Krista arrived together.  Nina offered to help but Morgan insisted her pregnant friend stay put while she served the guests appetizers. Patton reminded the guys that they were each scheduled to appear at his football camp for kids this summer.   Morgan gave the ladies a tour of the house while Seth mixed drinks. After an hour, it looked like Lamont and his date were going to be a no-show, Seth guided everyone to the dining room.   The doorbell rang.

Seth went to the door while Morgan went into the kitchen and with Krista’s help, brought out the side dishes.  She returned to the kitchen and sliced the rack of lamb.  She placed it on the silver serving platter Seth had retrieved for her earlier.  Morgan was quite happy with herself that she didn’t burn anything.  She turned the corner with her plated lamb to see Seth’s pleasant expression had changed to irritation.  She saw Lamont Brayer behind him with none other than her cousin Charisma in tow.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

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  1. Brilliant!! Just brilliant. I somehow just knew cousin dearest would show up again as soon as I read gaudy gold bag lol! Ms. Rhonda, I think you might need to do some speed writing and have a release before the end of November – just saying….


  2. Hi Phyllis! I just resumed working on Hollywood Rush and hope to have it to my publisher this month. When I am writing for Morgan and Seth, it takes a while to get them out of my system! Lol. I had to put some time between them. So I hope Hollywood Rush to see it out by Jan/Feb.


  3. Morgans better than me. I’d bring that heffa on through the front door, and dare her to wake up my baby with her screams. So, do you know when the book will be ready for release?


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