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Finally! The MVP Book Trailer

It took some time to finally get this loaded but better late than never! (Yes, I had this trailer ready BEFORE the release of MVP, sigh.)  If you want to leave a comment just click on the page link:

I am having posting issues this evening and the comments are turned off.  Working on that!  Lol.  A new trailer will be coming for The Blake Legacy.

Happy Viewing,


Excerpt II: The Blake Legacy

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(Release Date 11/29!)

Excerpt II

Scene: Morgan and Seth host a dinner party that takes an unexpected turn!

Seth whistled as Morgan walked into the kitchen wearing the black cocktail dress he’d bought her on the way back from Pittsburgh.  She wore her hair down, the soft curls cascaded over her shoulders.

“You like?”  Morgan twirled around.

“I have good taste,”  Seth pulled her into his arms and kissed her.  “How’s the champ?”

“Out like a light.  He should sleep through the night.  How’s my rack of lamb coming along?” Read the rest of this entry

The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/20/13 – Issue 23


In this Issue… Read the rest of this entry

Fall Food Rituals

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