The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 7/9/13 – Issue 20


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Happy Anniversary to Ebb Tide!

 Rhonda Laurel Author Group

Short Story: California Bored and Tourism Release

MVP News

 And of Course…

Happy Anniversary Ebb Tide!

July 2012 was the release month for my debut novella Ebb TideEbb Tide was my literary introduction into the world and still holds a special place in my heart.  It didn’t get much traction in the beginning, but for those of you who have read the novella, I enjoyed writing about Griffin and Evan.  And in tradition of my Six Degrees of Character Relations, the very minor character Faith, the tour guide mentioned in Ebb Tide, has her own short story coming out at the end of the month: California Bored and Tourism.  I was asked a while ago if Ebb Tide would have a sequel.  It is on my list of continued stories.  I think there is a bit more to tell about how Griffin and Evan are managing their happily ever after.  Because sometimes you just want to peek behind that relationship curtain. 

Rhonda Laurel Author Group

The Rhonda Laurel Author Group went live last week!  This group will be dedicated to chats about releases and periodic updates.  It allows members who want to discuss the characters, plots and new developments in my novellas and short stories.  (I’ve already talked about the next chapter for Morgan & Seth and some things are taking shape for their next book.)  You can start your own discussion thread, take a poll, or leave me a question!  Word Press only has so many capabilities for this blog and this allows me to offer a new coffee lounge atmosphere for my readers.  The rules of engagement are very simple: have fun and be polite to others!

Thank you to the new members who signed up and participated in the MVP chat on Sunday!  We had a blast!  I had two people actively participate, which was a happy coincidence since I had two $5 gift cards to give away. 

For those of you who did not see the post or sign up link, just click below to join the group.

Click to join Rhonda Laurel’s Author Group

Short Story: California Bored and Tourism Release

My short story, California Bored and Tourism will be released at the end of the month.  As I mentioned above, Faith had a bit part in Ebb Tide

MVP News

MVP has been going strong since its release!  I am happy to say that the many fans of For the Love of the Game returned to see how Morgan and Seth’s happily ever after bloomed.  I was touched by the reviews detailing why the story worked for them. 

MVP will be on a virtual book tour starting July 22.  I will post details for anyone who would like to follow it. 

MVP was on the All Romance eBooks best seller list for a moment and has fluctuated on  Amazon’s interracial/multicultural, African-American, multicultural and sports best seller categories the past week and a half.  But I am especially pleased with the way readers have reached out to me on Facebook, Twitter and my blog.  Thank you for giving this couple a chance. And THANK YOU for giving me the inspiration to write about them again. 

For the Love of the Game/MVP fan page link

And of Course…

I will be launching a new segment in The Artist’s Studio called the Feature Release.  The Feature Release will showcase a new book cover and blurb of an author, instead of a full-blown interview.  The debut post is tomorrow and will feature author Susan Arden’s new chart climbing book Rock Into Me.  The Artist’s Studio will still post interviews and I have them scheduled for the rest of the summer. 

My writing varies in many ways and sometimes a story becomes a short story and sometimes it develops into a novella.  Memories of You was a glimpse inside the lives of Cameron and Marc.  California Bored and Tourism will peek into the lives of Faith and Nick.  As I’ve said before I write until it’s finished and I would never monopolized a reader’s time with unnecessary filler.  But that mode of thinking does change every now and again.  For the Love of the Game was intended to be a short story but after working my publisher, it became a novella and the best decision I’ve ever made as a writer.  Happy reading everyone.


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