The Art of Dialogue with Readers

(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / alexskopje

(c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / alexskopje

I was pleasantly surprised at the feedback I received this weekend since the release of MVP.  I interact with readers on this blog, Facebook and Twitter and it is refreshing!  This is interactive writing and reading! 

Those of you who asked questions and left reviews about For the Love of the Game, it gave me great insight on how to proceed with the continuing story of Morgan and Seth.  I don’t think it would have taken the same direction if I’d written For the Love of the Game as a full length novel at that time.  I appreciate the time you invest into these characters and it’s only fair we all take this journey together.

Some of you have asked why a few of excerpts I posted while writing MVP did not appear in the novella.  Sometimes I find myself getting attached to characters and it shows!  My character Tyler, one of Seth’s younger brothers,  began as a wilder version of Seth and suddenly Tyler was all over the book!  In an effort to give Morgan and Seth the proper attention, I decided to give Tyler his own book because I found him to be quite entertaining.

I like to leave no stone unturned, so if there is a secondary character or relationship that leapt out at you, they are in the waiting line in my mind for their own stories.  Lol.  My goal is to create a reading world that is rich with back stories and people who are familiar with each other.  My 6 Degrees of Relation chart will be posted soon.  The characters in all my stories know each other and it would be nice to the show the links they share.  There are some great back stories there too!  Seth (For the Love of the Game) and Chris (Star Crossed) are old friends but I don’t think they would want Morgan and Kate to know how about their scandalous past activities!  Lol.

So, thanks for the feedback and the word of mouth.  Keep it coming!  Thank you for helping me make my literary dreams come true.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Dialogue with Readers

  1. Rhonda, congrats on the positive feedback from all your adoring fans! 🙂 Well deserved.

    I wanted to share my thoughts on your goal to create familiar back stories and connections with characters throughout all your books! I love that! I like remembering who they are but I also want the book to stand on it’s own. Otherwise, It would be quite frustrating if you didn’t read the prior book. You would be lost. I’ll look forward to your continued success in doing this. Great work so far! Take care.



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