MVP Cover Reveal!!!


The story of Morgan and Seth continues in MVP!

The game has just begun…

Morgan Reed-Blake discovers that being the wife of MVP quarterback Seth Blake has its perks…and its challenges…

Morgan Reed-Blake discovers that being the wife of MVP quarterback Seth Blake has its perks…and its challenges. Thrust into Seth’s high-profile world, she must wade through the celebrity, status, and the ghosts of girlfriends past. So when Seth takes Morgan home to his ranch in Texas and introduces her to his family and friends, she’s not surprised when his high school sweetheart comes to call. Morgan suspects she wants to rekindle the flame, and how can she blame her? Distraught over the changes their relationship has caused for Seth, Morgan wonders if maybe he’s better off without her.

Pro quarterback Seth Blake is elated that his wife Morgan is giving their “fake” marriage a real chance. But he doesn’t anticipate running into the woman who broke his heart years ago. He hasn’t told Morgan about the complicated relationship with his ex, but as he guides Morgan through the maze of his celebrity lifestyle, can he convince her the past is in the past? The MVP does not accept defeat, and he’s determined not to lose. But winning Morgan might be the most difficult game of his life…

MVP  will be released on Friday, June 21st! 

See how Morgan & Seth met in For the Love of the Game!

For the Love of the Game Excerpt

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Welcome to Morgan & Seth’s World

MVP is the sequel to For the Love of the Game and picks up the same day Morgan and Seth arrive at the 12 Horse Shoes Ranch.  Here’s a peek into the life of the couple!

The 12 Horse Shoes Ranch

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 Meet Reed’s Fire


What’s his name?”

“Reed’s Fire,” Seth said from behind her.

Morgan turned around and smiled. “Odd name for a horse.”

Seth came behind her and put his arms around her waist. “Reed’s Fire is much like his owner. Sweet and tender one minute and hell on wheels the next. I think you two will get along great.”

The Stables

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Welcome to the Ashcroft


Oscar finally stopped in front of the Ashcroft Building, an old historic landmark that had been turned into luxury condos about twenty years ago. The lobby of the building looked like a museum. She remembered a newspaper article that said it was being listed as a stop on a tour schedule for its architectural history. She even had a book on the history of the Ashcroft at the bookstore.

Around the House

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The Library

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Bring Your Wife to Work Day

Morgan’s confession that she’d never been to the Titan’s stadium nearly killed him. All her years of living in Philadelphia and living with her football fanatic family, she’d never set foot in the stadium. Seth informed her it was time for phase two of the football lesson he’d been giving her and that included a personal tour from him.

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The Bookstore

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