The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 5/24/13 – Issue 19


In this Issue…

 Big News!

MVP News

 And of Course…

Big News!

My first three novellas Ebb Tide, For the Love of the Game and Shutter will be in the printed anthology titled The Rhonda Laurel Collection and available on June 19th!  For those of you who enjoy a printed medium in addition to the e-books, I would be honored to sit on your bookshelves.

I will be giving away swag in commemoration of the release of my first ever anthology! 

MVP News

Stay tuned for my post It’s All in the Details – The World of Morgan & Seth.  Since we delve deeper into the lives of my beloved Morgan & Seth, I thought it would be nice to put some visuals together with a playlist.  We get a glimpse of the fast paced Philadelphia living and the more relaxed feel of the Twelve Horse Shoes Ranch in Texas.

The cover reveal should be coming soon! 

The swag and trading card reveal will be coming soon!  I have some interesting swag goodies cooked up for the MVP release!  So make sure you stop by and enter to win!

Check out the For the Love of the Game/MVP Facebook fan page!  I have character profiles, quizzes and a poll to see who your favorite character was in FTLOTG!

For the Love of the Game/MVP fan page link

And of Course…

I am working on Tethered and will be posting a few sneak peek snippets soon.  I have not yet found another snippet site to participate on, so until then I promise I will do them on my own or when some of you email me for some new material to read!

Thank you to the loyal fans who take the time to chat with me and express how they feel the stories and characters I write.  After MVP is released, I will delve into how the reviews and chats from fans contributed to the way I shaped the next phase of Morgan & Seth’s lives.  I have to tell you, those two are a never-ending story!  It’s always hard breaking away from them when I start writing about something else.

If happen to see another blog  that is my blog that I am working on!  It’s under construction and won’t be up and running until the summer, perhaps July or August.  The Blogger site allows me to do more interactive things on it and I can integrate other tools I subscribe to on it as well.

Until Next Time

Happy Reading!