The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 4/24/13 – Issue 18


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 MVP Release Date

California Bored and Tourism Release Date

On the Writing Horizon…

 And of Course…

MVP Release Date

MVP, the sequel to For the Love of the Game will be released on June 21st!  That’s right, the day after my birthday!  Morgan and Seth’s story continues and I must admit it was interesting to see how their lives were taking shape after their happily ever after in For the Love of the Game.  I didn’t want it to end!   Thank you to everyone who found the story interesting and wanted more! 

The cover reveal should be coming soon!  I have some interesting swag goodies cooked up for the MVP release!  So make sure you stop by and enter to win!

Also, check out the For the Love of the Game/MVP Facebook fan page!  I have character profiles, quizzes and a poll to see who your favorite character was in FTLOTG! 

For the Love of the Game/MVP fan page link

California Bored and Tourism Release Date

My short story, California Bored and Tourism will be released in July!  Faith and Nick were a blast to write.  Cover reveal coming soon!  I have an awesome giveaway planned for this as well!

On the Writing Horizon…

I have a few projects on the horizon.  Tethered is a novella that is currently a WIP.  Tethered will introduce Lauren and Alejandro.  For those of you enjoyed Shutter, Alejandro is the big brother of my rogue photographer Antonio De Soto.  Alejandro’s character was created first but some how Antonio made it to print before his big brother!  Alejandro is a celebrity chef, who brings new meaning to the phrase ‘alpha male’.  His other half is Lauren and boy do they like to fight!  We know from their storylines in Shutter that they do eventually get married and have a brood of kids, but how they get there is very interesting and was fun for me to write.

Another project I am working on is VendettaVendetta is the story of Billie and Dominic.  For those of you who read Star Crossed, the couple was introduced there.  Billie is a NYPD police officer and is the cousin of and looks identical to Kate Garrison.  So looks like Kate and Chris may pop up…

I appreciate readers who provide feedback.  I have a lot of readers who provided feedback for For the Love of the Game.  Tell me what you liked about a certain couple or character and how it enhanced the story.  I know, from many testimonies, that Seth from For the Love of the Game is a favorite with the ladies.  Lol.  I am constantly working on improving the relationship of writer to reader.  I considered some of those comments when writing the sequel MVP.  So your input is valuable! 

And of Course…

I have tried FB parties, Goodreads Q & A boards, Tweetchat and as always love comments on my blog.  I would love to connect with readers on release day with a venue that many people would like to attend.

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Happy Reading!