Sneak Peek MVP Excerpt


Below is an excerpt from MVP!  Morgan confesses to Seth that she’s never been to the Titans’ stadium!  In this scene he gives her a tour and they end up on the field:

Seth called out to one of the workers at the other end of the field to get him a football. He caught the ball and instructed Morgan to move back about ten yards and tossed the ball softly to her. He was impressed that she caught the ball the proper way.

“Good catch.”

“Three brothers, all played football in high school. They practiced in the back yard. The front yard. In the house. In the kitchen. During dinner.”

He laughed. “You ever think that maybe some cosmic force was grooming you for something like…being married to me?”

“No, I thought they were repeated attempts on my life and one day I’d get taken out with a football and it would be ruled an accident.” Morgan threw the ball back to Seth with a little power behind it.

“Clearly you learned something while ducking for cover. You have a nice little technique.”

“Then stop throwing like a girl and show me a real pass.” Morgan stuck her tongue out.

“We’ve had enough football related injuries haven’t we?”

“You did save me from a getting a nose job.”

“I’m glad. You have such an adorable nose. I would have missed it.” Seth walked toward her.

“How does it feel when you’re out here? When all those seats are filled with screaming fans? We’re here alone and the magnitude of all of this is overwhelming. I can barely breathe.” Morgan sighed.


“And the cameras are always on you. Don’t you ever want to pick your nose or something?”

“You get used to that too. And my momma would kill me if I picked my nose on national television.”

“I could see that being played on every sports show in America.”

“That would be something.”

“So,” Morgan crossed her arms over her chest, “you gonna throw me a real pass?”

“Okay. I want you to go down to the ten yard line. I’ll throw it to you and we’ll see if you can get to the end zone before I catch you.”

Morgan rolled her eyes as walked past Seth. “That shouldn’t be a problem. We’re already on the thirty yard line.”

Seth caught her hand. “The other ten yard line.”

Morgan squinted down the field. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I would never kid a beautiful woman, especially if she’s my wife.”

“I’m going to call a cab because it’s going to take me some time to get down there.”

“I have all day. Besides I get to watch you walk all the way down there.”

Morgan turned and reluctantly started walking. “You know—”

“It’s good exercise. One of these days I will get you to jog with me.”

“Yeah, if I grow another five inches.”

Morgan didn’t have to call a cab but she felt like she needed one. She called a time out every ten yards to catch her breath while Seth stood there laughing at her. She looked back at the end zone. Didn’t look too far away. She could do this.

“Okay, big boy, give it your best shot,” she shouted down the field. “And remember I know how to catch so don’t chicken out and go limp noodle on me.”

“Okay.” He nodded his head. “Why don’t we make it interesting?”

“What do you have in mind?”




MVP will be released June 21st! 

The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 4/24/13 – Issue 18


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 MVP Release Date

California Bored and Tourism Release Date

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 And of Course…

MVP Release Date

MVP, the sequel to For the Love of the Game will be released on June 21st!  That’s right, the day after my birthday!  Morgan and Seth’s story continues and I must admit it was interesting to see how their lives were taking shape after their happily ever after in For the Love of the Game.  I didn’t want it to end!   Thank you to everyone who found the story interesting and wanted more! 

The cover reveal should be coming soon!  I have some interesting swag goodies cooked up for the MVP release!  So make sure you stop by and enter to win!

Also, check out the For the Love of the Game/MVP Facebook fan page!  I have character profiles, quizzes and a poll to see who your favorite character was in FTLOTG! 

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California Bored and Tourism Release Date

My short story, California Bored and Tourism will be released in July!  Faith and Nick were a blast to write.  Cover reveal coming soon!  I have an awesome giveaway planned for this as well!

On the Writing Horizon…

I have a few projects on the horizon.  Tethered is a novella that is currently a WIP.  Tethered will introduce Lauren and Alejandro.  For those of you enjoyed Shutter, Alejandro is the big brother of my rogue photographer Antonio De Soto.  Alejandro’s character was created first but some how Antonio made it to print before his big brother!  Alejandro is a celebrity chef, who brings new meaning to the phrase ‘alpha male’.  His other half is Lauren and boy do they like to fight!  We know from their storylines in Shutter that they do eventually get married and have a brood of kids, but how they get there is very interesting and was fun for me to write.

Another project I am working on is VendettaVendetta is the story of Billie and Dominic.  For those of you who read Star Crossed, the couple was introduced there.  Billie is a NYPD police officer and is the cousin of and looks identical to Kate Garrison.  So looks like Kate and Chris may pop up…

I appreciate readers who provide feedback.  I have a lot of readers who provided feedback for For the Love of the Game.  Tell me what you liked about a certain couple or character and how it enhanced the story.  I know, from many testimonies, that Seth from For the Love of the Game is a favorite with the ladies.  Lol.  I am constantly working on improving the relationship of writer to reader.  I considered some of those comments when writing the sequel MVP.  So your input is valuable! 

And of Course…

I have tried FB parties, Goodreads Q & A boards, Tweetchat and as always love comments on my blog.  I would love to connect with readers on release day with a venue that many people would like to attend.

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Release Day for Star Crossed!

When Hollywood’s best kept salacious “secret” explodes, stars are born.


 Music mogul Kate Garrison’s husband is a leading Hollywood director. He also happens to be a cheat. When he’s caught having an affair with an actress, Kate becomes the talk of the town—and not in a good way. So when she stumbles into Hollywood’s new golden boy, Chris Cavanaugh—in the men’s room, of all places—the gossip mill starts working overtime. Especially since Chris is starring in her husband’s next film.

Chris Cavanaugh couldn’t imagine a woman would have such an effect on his life. But amid the gossip and Hollywood politics, his only option is to ride out the media storm and play house. He never expects to actually fall for her, but when illusion begins to look more and more like reality, Chris has his hands full keeping his career intact and his eye on the target of making the Hollywood A-list. So why does spending time with Kate suddenly seem more important?


“Got to love these Hollywood twists. Music mogul Kate Garrison’s secret exposed! Last night paparazzi caught Kate leaving Coriander with rising star Chris Cavanaugh. This has to be the best-kept love affair in Hollywood. They were leaving the restaurant after a nasty argument in the men’s room, no less. But it ended when Chris calmed her down with a hot kiss in front of the restaurant, and then they made a hasty exit in his car. Looks like Kate wasn’t the victim in her divorce from director Jack Pierce after all. People have been speculating all morning how long these two have been involved. And the stinger in all of this is Chris and Jack will be working together soon. All of Hollywood is abuzz about the new movie The Knock-Around Boys, scheduled to go into production in less than two weeks. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that sound stage.”

Kate smiled. The reporter called her a mogul.

 * * *

 “Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that sound stage.”

Chris spit out his orange juice. That’s why his guardian angel had looked familiar. She was Jack Pierce’s wife! As a rule he forgot the names and faces of unavailable women. After two near misses with career suicide, Stan educated him on how to resist the temptation of bedding a married man’s wife in this town. He said the next time he was caught with some lovely thing who didn’t belong to him it would definitely put the final nail in his promiscuous coffin.

He went into the foyer to retrieve her business card. He’d placed it under his keys when he came in last night. The fancy card read Kate Garrison, President of Atlantis Records.

His cell phone rang, playing the Bonanza ring tone. It was Stan.

“Stan, my man with the plan!”

“Cut the shit! I am on my third Valium this morning.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to take so many in one day.”

“You think? Being your agent has significantly shortened my life span faster than Valium. Why do I bother talking to you?”

“Because you said I had superstar potential.” Chris laughed.

“Are you trying to screw yourself out of a career? You are playing with fire. Jack Pierce’s wife?”

“Soon to be ex-wife.”

“I hope you’re ready for the fallout. It’s going to take a miracle for Jack Pierce to let you keep your part in the movie.”

“Trust me, this will all blow over.”

“How long have you been seeing Kate Garrison?” He thought for a moment. “Long enough to know she’s the woman for me.”

Stan choked. “You really know how to screw the pooch good. You in love with her?”

“I don’t know where I’d be without her right now.” Wasn’t that the truth?

“If I were you, I’d go to church today and pray to any deity willing to listen to grant you Hollywood absolution.” Stan ended the call.

 * * *

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Check out an excerpt of my  novella Shutter, released February 2013 and my short story Memories of You, released March 2013.

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Coming Soon!  MVP, June 2013 (Tentative) and California Bored & Tourism, July 2013!  Details to follow soon!