Free Read Weekly – Plight of Caribou (Part 2 of 4)

Plight of the Caribou©

(Part 2 – January 14, 2013)

     Well, she’d learned his version of their family history, which was pretty close to Moira’s recollection. Moira was the baby and the center of attention and he was big brother and acquiesced to her. But he did tell her how he’d loved movies and making films when he was a kid and that his dad bought him his first camera when he was eleven. Going to movies started as a way for him and his Dad to get out of the house and spend time together away from the Moira Show. But it blossomed into something real for him.

Now the hero scripted big brother had a face and an identity of his own. He had depths much more far-reaching than the adjectives ‘womanizing, globetrotting, and filmmaker’. He was a nice guy with a wicked sense of humor who convinced her to have cyber sex with him. She’d forgotten all about that! Or more like she’d tried to push it to the back of her mind. Like so many of things they’d shared and now she actually had to face the man she’d confided so many things to. There was comfort in the anonymity in the relationship. She didn’t have to keep eye contact with him, which she rarely did with anyone and she didn’t have to wonder if he was judging her some how. Every time she entered Moira’s apartment she gazed at the picture of Chase and his last girlfriend. It was funny how a decorative frame suddenly captivated her attention as she looked for clues as to why the two of them broke up. They looked perfect together in that frame. And he would never elaborate more than ‘it didn’t work out’ and she didn’t push. Why would she want to push? It was none of her business. Just like it was none of her business the night some girl named Francie, replied to her IM saying Chase was busy at the moment. She picked a fight with him later that night and hadn’t really spoken since then. Then Moira popped up two weeks ago saying her brother was coming to town. Maxine sighed again.


     Chase sighed as he relaxed in his first class seat. The woman sitting next to him, Rachael the chatty wanna model/actress, was chirping like a bird. Which was funny because before he turned on his laptop and his production company logo Noah’s Ark Productions popped up on the screen, she’d had very little to say to him. She was ranting on about some bit part she had on a sitcom and that she was headed to LA to audition for a bit part in a movie. From the tone of her voice, a combination of a lilty twang and the transparent way she became interested in him, she wouldn’t probably be tearfully clutching an Oscar anytime soon but she had the look, big boobs, long strawberry blond hair and the finest smile money could buy. And normally he would enjoy stringing along some entertainment honey that aimed their radar at him. And it usually took him about a week to inform him that his directional interests were mainly natural. After a meeting his business partner and best friend two days ago, they decided to start the search for a new face for their new documentary, presumably a female face.

But now, as he drowned out Rachael’s babbling, there was only one woman on his mind, his sister’s friend Maxine. He was more than delighted to visit Moira, it had been two years with them missing each other by days at their parent’s house. So he was jazzed about seeing his now grown up baby sis who didn’t call quite so much anymore for money, he was also intrigued about her neighbor and friend who he’d been chatting with for three months. He was also anxious to find out why she picked that argument with him the last time they spoke.


     It was if someone had wound a key in Moira’s back and sent her to the airport. From the moment she saw him and started screaming to the chattering ride in the car to the walk to the apartment from the car, Moira was on a mission to fill him in on every second of her life.

“I know this charming little bistro. Shar and Adrianna will be over in a few minutes. Then we’ll all go.”

“Is Max coming?” he said casually.

“No, she had something to do,” Moira grumbled.

Max peaked through the blinds as watched as Moira, Chase, Shar and Adrianna left for dinner. Although she felt a quick twinge of disappointment because she wasn’t joining them, she knew it was for the best. Chase in real life was pretty much the same as the Chase in the picture Moira kept on her table in the living room. He had on a royal blue dress shirt and a pair of jeans. Black sunglasses planted on top of his curly head, which reminded her of Moira’s when she first moved in.

As she listened to the faint chatter of her friends leaving the court-yard, she could hear that laugh Shar used when she was interested in a man. And what’s not to be interested in? He may not have actually been Hercules but Chase had the makings of a god. Chase was right up Shar’s alley. Shar was a part-time model and aspiring actress. She had striking features. One would say she was born to be in front of a camera. They were strangers who seemed to fit even though they knew nothing about each other. She suspected by the end of the night a love connection will have been made. For a moment that pissed her off.

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