Year End – The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/27/12 – Issue 14

In this Issue…

My Year as a New Author!

Milestones This Year

The Artist’s Studio – 2013 & Beyond!

 And of Course…

My Year as a New Author!

I have had a great year as an author!  I had a blast releasing Ebb Tide and For the Love of the Game.  I look forward to releasing Shutter and Star Crossed in 2013!  I am continually finding my footing as an author and am thankful to those who had faith in the stories I write.  This year has taught me many things but what I have found most valuable is that it’s important to be happy with your work once it’s done.

Milestones This Year

Social Media

Over 245 Facebook likes on my Author Page!

Over 300 followers on Twitter!

Over 3,000 views of this blog!

Author Interviews

Interviewed 17 Awesome Authors in The Artist’s Studio.


Two Professional Reviews: Hearts on Fire Reviews

Published Works

Published two novellas: Ebb Tide and For the Love of the Game

One short story: Masquerade in the Etopia Press Halloween Heat Anthology

Contracted two novellas for release in 2013: Shutter and Star Crossed

Two manuscripts out, awaiting a verdict: Duality of Love (novel) and Return to Me

Looking for a home for: California Bored & Tourism

Two WIPs (Works in Progress): MVP (Sequel to For the Love of the Game) and Vendetta

 The Artist’s Studio – 2013 & Beyond

The Artist’s Studio has taken off like a rocket!  The purpose of the author interviews was to create a bridge between authors and readers who may not normally find each other.

I would like to thank the seventeen great authors who were spotlighted this year:  Anita Philmar, Regan Walker, Sharon Kleve, Donna George Storey, Anne Kane, Mark A. Gunnells, Sabrina York, Laura DiamondTheresa McClinton, Ally Shields, Antonio van ZandtCharley Descoteaux and Susan Taylor.

The 2013 schedule is filling up and there will be a variety of awesome authors who have great stories to tell.

And of Course…

Thank you to Etopia Press for contracting my novellas!  Thank you to Elin Gregory for commenting on my posts!  Thank you to Charley Descoteaux for always dropping by my blog!  Thank you to all of my Twitter and Facebook author buddies who share my links and spread the word! (To think I was once afraid of Twitter. Lol.)   Thank you to Rhonda L (no, it’s not me.  Lol.) for posting my first ever customer review on Amazon about Ebb Tide.  Thank you to Simply J for always supporting me on Twitter! Thank you to winners of my giveaways who took the time to read the novella and answer the questions!  Thank you to Lorna L, I got to send one of my giveaways to Sweden because of you!

Thank you to those who orchestrated the wonderful blog hops I participated in this year!

I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me while I tumbled through this literary rabbit hole of mine.  Kindness and encouragement can go along way!

“If one word I have written in my entire lifetime has touched one heart, then I have fulfilled the purpose of my life.” – R. Laurel

Until Next Year

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!


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