The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 11/4/12 – Issue 11

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6 days until the release For the Love of the Game!

Sneak Peak: For the Love of the Game Giveaway Items

4 Star rating for Ebb Tide form Hearts on Fire Reviews!

The Artist’s Studio Page…

And of Course…

6 Days until the For the Love of the Game release!

For the Love of the Game will be released on Friday and I am thrilled!  Please take a moment to rate or review the novella after you’ve read it.  Feel free to leave comments on my blog as well.  As promised, I will have a giveaway for the release!  See Below

Sneak Peek: For the Love of the Game Giveaway Items

As a sneak peak to the subscribers of my blog, below is a pic of the giveaway.

For the Love of the Game Swag Giveaway

The giveaway includes a Musings of a Dreamer tote bag and mousepad, a For the Love of the Game bookmark and trading card, a number 12 bandana (my character Seth’s jersey number is 12.  He is the quarterback for the fictional Philadelphia Titans) and a water bottle.

For the Love of the Game Trading Card

Stay tuned for what entry details to win the giveaway!

4 Star rating for Ebb Tide form Hearts on Fire Reviews!

Hearts on Fire Reviews gave my debut novella Ebb Tide 4 Stars!  Take a look at the review:

The Artist’s Studio Page…

Take a look at the authors who have visited The Artist’s Studio!

And of Course…

I have given great thought to the swag giveaways and I wanted to let you all know in all of my creative capacities I am inspired to go beyond the last thing I’ve created.  I know package giveaways are not so popular in the digital age, but it gives me great joy to give the reader something they can reach out and touch after they’ve read my books.  I especially like designing the trading card.  There are romance trading card enthusiasts out there and who knows, maybe one day mine will be a collectible.   Until, I am having fun coming up with ways to entertain my readers.  Lol.

Once I have sent my new literary baby For the Love of the Game on its way, I will be promoting my next novella Shutter.  Shutter is another story dear to my heart because the main character is a photographer.  Lol.  I get to experience the best of both of creative worlds.

I mentioned in the last newsletter if you purchased a digital copy of my novella I can digitally autograph it for you.  Kindlegraph has broadened its scope and is now Authorgraph.  Authorgraph allows you to request an autograph from any digital book you have purchased.  Cool, right?  You can request I sign your copy of any of my ebooks at this address:

For the Love of the Game won’t be available to sign until after the release date.

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