Masquerade Excerpt

Masquerade is in the Halloween Heat VI Etopia Press Anthology:

“Your greatest desires beckon…”

When Sydney Porter opened the elegant, gold-embossed invitation, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The Illuminatus Masquerade Ball held every year on Halloween was an exclusive event. So exclusive, that the attendees were not willing to discuss it afterward. She’d known a few friends who’d received invitations in the past and she’d waited with bated breath the next day for juicy details but was always told the same rehearsed statement. Hushed tales of decadent aphrodisiac foods, décor that could have been handpicked by Aphrodite herself, and elaborate costumes that were made from the finest fabrics was the only information she could get out of them. Nor would they divulge how they got the invitation.


Masquerade is available in the Halloween Heat VI Anthology from Etopia Press.  Be sure to check out the other three great stories in Halloween Heat VI: Party Games by Mina Carter, Punished by the Cowboy by Sue Lyndon and Unmasked by Brooklyn Wilde.  It is available at the following retailers:

Amazon          Barnes & Noble           All Romance Ebooks          BookStrand

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