Passionate Cooks Cookbook Ready for Pre-order!

  The Passionate Cooks Cookbook is available for pre-order on the ARE (All Romance E-Books) website and will be available on October 1, 2012!

Click on the link below to reserve your copy of an excellent cookbook from today’s authors.

I hope you enjoy my dessert recipe, Blissful Banana Pudding Trifle!

Click on the link below to pre-order!

Passionate Cooks Cookbook

The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/13/12 – Issue 7

In this Issue…

The Artist’s Studio Goes Live!

The 99 Milestone!

WIP needs TLC!

Tomorrow is the debut of The Artist’s Studio!  I hope to bring many talented and interesting authors your way.  Each author’s blog has its own unique way of interviewing, so one interview does not constitute the whole essence of an author or their work!  There is always something new to tell and in a new way.

I am very happy to say that I will have goodies to giveaway for my novella For the Love of the Game and my short story Masquerade!  Tune in next month as I usher in my new releases!

The 99 Follower milestone!

My blog has 99 followers!  I thought of announcing the 100th, but 99 followers are just as important as 100.  As I sit on the edge of the triple digits, I hope to bring insightful and beautiful things into the lives of those who follow the Musings of a Dreamer path.

WIP is calling my name.  I have been procrastinating.  Sigh.

Til next time.


The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/3/12 – Issue 6

9/3 – September looks like it’s going to continue my upswing of literary news!  My recipe for the Passionate Cooks Cookbook ARE (All Romance) was accepted!  I will keep the recipe under wraps but I will say it is a dessert.  Cooking is number three on my list of passions, writing and photography are always 1 and 2 and take turns alternating.  Lol.

So this October will be eventful in more ways than one.  For the Love of the Game, Masquerade and my recipe will all be released in October.

Still working on my new WIP (Star Crossed) is up to 14k!  I like to stop and read and re-write and re-read before I get into the meat of the book.

Visited Inner Harbor again this weekend and took some great shots, got inspiration for a locale for a new story and bought some lovely costume jewelry that store I love.

For those of you interested, my page The Artist’s Studio will go live this month!  I have lined up my questions and hope to introduce you to other authors, like me, that are looking to get acquainted with a new audience.

Until next time.