Review for Ebb Tide!

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Hi Everyone!

Ebb Tide was released in July but I am always happy to see reader reviews/feedback.  (Preferably good.  Lol.)  A new reader of my work, who found me via the TRS website, took the time to post a review and I appreciate that.  I don’t think people are cognizant of how much a review can steer people in an author’s direction.  The Amazon review received 4 out of 5 stars and the reader did comment the novella was too short.  Which is interesting because I once got a lower review ranking because the reviewer thought it was too short!  It just goes to show that each reader is looking for something different in a literary experience.  And reader interviews are just as important and professional ones.  I want to thank the reviewer for taking the time to write it.  This does give me a sense of what people who are investing in my writing are looking for.  I caught Griffin and Evan in the middle of their relationship, so I kind of hopped in, got some recon and wrote the novella.  Lol.  It won’t be the last you hear from those two…promise.  🙂

Amazon Review

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