3rd Time’s the Charm! Shutter is being published!

My novella Shutter is being published!  I received word yesterday that my 3rd installment of what I hope to be a series one day, The Invisibles, will be published with Etopia Press!  This is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Antonio De Soto.  Antonio is a photographer that is about to embark on a journey of self discovery when he visits an old friend to help him with a project at the community theater in town.  Antonio is near and dear to my heart because he and his brother Alejandro, a protagonist in a novel that I will hopefully have published one day soon, pushed to me to my limits about how I perceived men.  They helped me break out of the pattern that male heroes had to be cookie cutter types who served the purpose of helping me conjure up a happy ending for my female protagonist!  I think you will appreciate me introducing you to Antonio first.  Like all little brothers, I don’t want him to get lost in the shadows of his big brother Alejandro!

Will keep you posted!