Novella For the Love of the Game

Coming Soon!

I have been blessed, again, with the opportunity to share another novella with you!  Etopia Press is publishing For the Love of the Game!

Morgan Reed was taking a much needed vacation from her mundane life in Philadelphia, so she booked a trip to paradise.   She was looking forward to fun in the sun but wasn’t expecting to be run over by a freight train on a tropical island!  A chance encounter with a green eyed stranger playing touch football on the beach will change this bookstore owner’s life in ways she could have imagined in the pages of her many books.  From the moment Seth Blake came barreling into her life, the notion of taking her nose out of a book and living her life with the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Titans seemed more appealing each day.  When their two worlds collide, will both of them survive the play and find happily ever after?