Novella Ebb Tide

Coming Soon!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have my novella Ebb Tide published with Etopia Press!

“Ebb Tide” is the story of Natalie Griffin, an attorney who is practical, smart and good at her job. The legal ease is the least of her worries for her employer, playboy extraordinaire, Evan Darchon and his hectic lifestyle, much of her time is spent keeping him out of trouble. During their time together Natalie has managed organize everything, his company, his home and his lifestyle of fasting living and fast women. If she could teach him to control some of his wilder impulses, she’d have the perfect job. But what about her impulses? On the outside, her cool and controlled demeanor is a counterbalance for Evan but on the inside, he touches something in her that no one else had managed to do. Evan’s attraction is evident but can either of them afford to rock the boat of their professional relationship?